cooperation (general)

People around the table.

The Importance of Friendship in Educational Relationships

14.3.2022 From left to right René Klep, Pieter Schep, Thomas Sabel, Peter Smeds. Background The co-operation “Creating Sustainable Business Solutions”, in...
Students working together.

Highlights about working-life cooperation projects executed during the university’s study modules

11.12.2020 Finnish universities and the working life are getting closer to each other, and the forms of cooperation are deepening. New...
Students at VAMK.

VAMK – A contributor on a larger scale

10.11.2020 VAMKs competence and co-operation with global top notch export companies operating in Vaasa make VAMK a contributor on a larger...
Students at VAMK.

Education for future work

29.10.2020 To be able to educate our students for future work and duties, we co-operate actively with working life, listen to...
Students at VAMK.

Towards a new kind of partnership

29.10.2020 For the international audit 2021, VAMK has chosen Co-operation with Working Life in Basic Degree Education as our free-choice evaluation...