Towards a new kind of partnership

For the international audit 2021, VAMK has chosen Co-operation with Working Life in Basic Degree Education as our free-choice evaluation area. We at VAMK want to be the most important partner for working life, students, staff and co-operation partners. Our objective is a new kind of partnership with working life, provision and development of various forms of continuous learning, as well as creation of theme-specific research platforms.

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Students at VAMK.

Creating depth and method into co-operation with working life


VAMK’s personnel have long-term and working relations with actors in working life in the area. In the new way of working, teachers can participate in meetings with working life representatives. We want to give all teachers an easy way to create networks; to hear straight from the representatives to which direction the working life is going, and to think how to bring the needs of working life into our education in a concrete way.


We have signed agreements with strategically important partners. You can take a closer look at the presentations of the partners, contents of the agreements and meeting memos here.


To create method in the co-operation, we have drawn up a year clock an annual planning cycle to which we compiled the functions and events of the year. We have appointed expert persons- in- charge from both parties for relevant areas. The task of the persons-in-charge is to maintain active dialogue with the party to agreement, take care of the implementation of the co-operation and to act as a contact within the organization.  


In addition to the agreements, we act in advisory committees, which bring together companies operating in the same field and higher education institutions providing education in these fields. Such committees operate in Health Care and Social Services, Business Information Technology and Technology and Communication.

Continuous learning

expanding and intensifying the supply of education   As the working life changes quickly and unpredictably, people in the various points of their career have a need to improve and update their competencies.  We want to be part of this. Marianne Laurila, our expert in continuous learning, will start on 1 November and will focus on developing a model for continuous learning and supply of education together with various parties.

Competence that profiles VAMK

  • Smart and energy-efficient Electrical Engineering: design competence, modern digital production technologies and project management.
  • Business competence in export industry
  • Socially sustainable, ethical and renewing health care and social services
  • Sustainable product service system design, and service design for industry and health care.

Future research platforms bring together ideas and experts

On 23 October, we will have a workshop on the themes of research platforms to be developed. Besides Muova, Directors of Unit, Principal Lecturers and Senior Lecturers form various fields have participated in brainstorming. The research platforms will be built to be multi-field and wide-ranging so that as many as possible can participate in activities taking place on the platforms.  The objective is that the platforms are ready to start at the beginning of next year.

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