education and training

VAMK & Edufinlandia in a high school visit in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Insights from GESS Dubal exhibition

14.12.2022 In this blog post we will discuss the outcomes and lessons learned from our second business trip to the UAE....

Initiatives Supporting the Employment and Integration of Migrants and Migrant Women in Finland

14.10.2021 In Finland, there have been considerably fewer migrants compared to other Western European countries despite the increasing migrant trend in...

Preparing children for life: The ParENTrepreneurs project strengthens parenting competences

1.10.2021 In May and August of 2021, Muova piloted training materials for the Erasmus+-funded ParENTRepreneurs project. ParENTrepreneurs training empowers parents as...

Helping underserved groups to reach their full potential

2.9.2021 Muova is recognized for leading and collaborating on innovative EU-funded projects. Muova-led projects Kaleidoscope: supporting female migrant entrepreneurs project (2017-2019)...