How to practice Peer-learning in an organisation

2.9.2022 In the current digital age, information is at our fingertips 24/7. With access to information, it has become handy to...

Why Learning A New Language as An Adult Is Difficult?

6.4.2022 Learning a new language comes from different reasons, e.g. to be able to communicate to foreigners, to handle tasks at...

Learning Styles of Students in Universities in the Vaasa Region

15.12.2021 The learning styles of students play an important role in their academic development. Researchers (e.g. Kinsella, 2001; Cohen and Weaver,...

Your Finnish for Foreigners course is over – what now?

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Task Oriented Learning

8.12.2021 This is the second article in a series where I am tackling the teachers´ everyday challenges in the learning process....

The rising importance of creativity in Education

22.11.2021 What is creativity Creativity in its comprehensible definition refers to one’s ability to generate different ideas, realising the connections between...
Students working together.

Highlights about working-life cooperation projects executed during the university’s study modules

11.12.2020 Finnish universities and the working life are getting closer to each other, and the forms of cooperation are deepening. New...

Learning is as easy as eating an apple

3.11.2020 A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of participating in an international week arranged by our School of...