Learning Styles of Students in Universities in the Vaasa Region

15.12.2021 The learning styles of students play an important role in their academic development. Researchers (e.g. Kinsella, 2001; Cohen and Weaver,...
Students at VAMK.

Benchlearning from neighbour: Efficient thesis writing process for timely graduation

4.11.2020 Benchlearning is a new element in the audit of HEIs in Finland. VAMK chose the thesis process for the Benchlearning...

Learning is as easy as eating an apple

3.11.2020 A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of participating in an international week arranged by our School of...
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Education for future work

29.10.2020 To be able to educate our students for future work and duties, we co-operate actively with working life, listen to...
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Student feedback in education process

29.10.2020 At VAMK, we have several channels through which we gather and receive feedback on how we have managed in our...