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First job in Finland – an experience from an international job applicant

15.12.2021 I completed my master’s studies in Finland, but finding a job has not been an easy journey. Even though Finland...

Internationality at Muova

29.11.2021 As the number of international workers at Muova has increased, internationality has become one of the competitive advantages of working...

Initiatives Supporting the Employment and Integration of Migrants and Migrant Women in Finland

14.10.2021 In Finland, there have been considerably fewer migrants compared to other Western European countries despite the increasing migrant trend in...

Design Thinking applied to Portfolio Development

2.9.2021 Design Thinking applied to Portfolio Development Higher education graduates experience more and more the challenges of the changing work life....
Students working together.

Highlights about working-life cooperation projects executed during the university’s study modules

11.12.2020 Finnish universities and the working life are getting closer to each other, and the forms of cooperation are deepening. New...