How creative workshops broaden our perspectives

Creative workshops are one of the best ways to get invaluable insights about people’s perspectives on specific issues. They provide a platform and opportunity for information and knowledge sharing. People with different backgrounds and expertise bring together a variety of perspectives, which enables everyone to view the subject through a fresh lens.

TEXT | Srushti Shah

Digimagia uses creative workshop for designing their education platform

Last month at Muova, we held a creative workshop for the Digimagia project to come up with innovative ideas for our educational program platform and to widen our perspectives on what we envision our educational program to be.

This was a group workshop conducted with our team members from Muova and Humak. The teams formed were heterogenous mixtures of people from different backgrounds in order to have the workshop outcomes as varied as possible.

What happened in the workshop:

Our task was to imagine the outcomes of our education structure and express our unique vision utilizing moodboards. Each team was provided a handful of magazines from which they could find visual imagery to reflect their unique vision.

Each team pitched their own moodboard and explained how the different images in the moodboard and storyline that they formed expressed the team’s perspective.

The moodboarding exercise helped us to engage our visualising senses, imagining possibilities and thinking outside of the box.

What did this activity achieve (or What were the results)?

This activity helped us all to broaden our perspectives and discover new possible outcomes for the project. Listening to the different teams talk about how have they perceived some of the images, made us realise how the same thing can be perceived differently by different people, and exchanging these perceptions helped us to widen our thinking capacities beyond the obvious.

Doing hands-on activities also gave us a break from our electronic devices and boosted our original thinking.

Takeaways from the workshop:

For the team members from Humak, this was their first experience participating in this form of creative workshop and they really enjoyed the process.

The entire team felt energized and inspired with a fresh set of ideas to help move the project further.

No amount of online benchmarking and ideation can replace the on-field and hands-on approach for creating a unique outcome.

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